Instead of petroleum, thermal water broke out in Mezőkövesden: in addition to living traditions, recharge awaits in the heart of Matyóföld

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Instead of petroleum, thermal water broke out in Mezőkövesden: in addition to living traditions, recharge awaits in the heart of Matyóföld
Instead of petroleum, thermal water broke out in Mezőkövesden: in addition to living traditions, recharge awaits in the heart of Matyóföld

Family holiday or star tour, wellness or active recharge: Mezőkövesd offers a lot to all travelers beyond the traditions

Many people are now looking for a destination for the upcoming spring break: we visited Mezőköves, in the heart of Matyóföld, and now we will tell you why it is worth visiting here, even for Matyó Easter, as a couple or with family: whatever type of holiday you like, you can find it here your calculation.

The ideal starting point for star tours Mezőkövesd

Whether you spend a day or two or a whole week in Mezőkövesden and its surroundings, you can easily fill it with meaningful experiences: the location of the settlement guarantees this. Although we now offer Mezőkövesd programs, it is worth noting that

Eger and the Lake Tisza Eco Center are both located 25 kilometers from the city, so the monuments of the Turkish occupation, the castle of Eger and the beauty of Lake Tisza are also easily accessible.

Even closer, only 13 kilometers away, there is Bogács, where we can spend our time in the row of cellars, and 12 kilometers away, the beehive stones of Szomolya are waiting to be conquered. So we can spend a meaningful week in the region: but let's see what Mezőkövesd has to offer!

One of the attractions of Mezőkövesd
One of the attractions of Mezőkövesd

Living traditions: the Hadas district

The ideal place to get to know Matyó traditions is to visit the Hadas district. It covers a small area, but this open-air museum-like part of the city, where traditional architecture is characteristic, is all the more interesting. There are also some permanent residents of the quarter, in whose name the adjective war refers to the wars, i.e. genera, fraternities, which inhabited this area.

There are now quite a few local residents in the quarter, in which, in addition to the creative houses and the Kisjankó Bori landscape house, we can also find the recently renovated Hadas Visitor Center In the center, there is a smaller but more interesting interactive an exhibition was also held: here, in addition to getting to know the life and traditions of the Matyó people,we can also listen to the folk song treasure, and with the help of a special hologúl, we can monitor how the Matyó people put on their typical clothing at that time, virtually and we can try on a headgear ourselves.

The visitor center presents the traditions of Matyóföld
The visitor center presents the traditions of Matyóföld

If that is not enough, you can try on a complete outfit at the House of Folk Arts: the fancy matyó blouse, the litya, the richly embroidered apron, i.e. the surc, and petticoats, and skirts are also available for women, while men can wear a perky hat decorated with feathers along with a loose-fitting shirt.

Even the smallest children are welcome to dress up in the house, where authentic costumes are still made to this day - one costs HUF 200,000, with only the apron part embroidered by local women for weeks.

The women also embroider pieces of inspired by Mathyó from several fashion brands here.

The colors of Matyóföld await you here

Visiting the creative houses and the landscape house brings the Matyó culture really close to the visitor: it is worth finding out about the opening hours in advance, because it is a real experience to enter one of these so-called three-part houses.

The women and their children lived in the homes consisting of a pantry, kitchen and clean room, the men mostly spent the year in the stables.

The big and small families filled the homes, which they try to preserve in their authentic reality, furnished with the furniture and tools that the Matyos lived in.

The traditions are preserved by the artisan creative houses
The traditions are preserved by the artisan creative houses

The difference is that today furniture painters, gingerbread makers, potters fill the houses - whichever one you enter, your host awaits you full of special stories: Szabolcs Kovács with furniture painter it was enough for us to spend ten minutes together for him to tell us that his grandfather chose coffin-making as his profession for practical reasons, since there are always dead people. A tulip chest, which was used by brides to store their dowry, has been preserved. He was guided by a practical approach even when he left it, no matter how surprising his workshop was - but it was thanks to this that eventually more and more people came to him to paint furniture, and he passed the science on to his son and then to his grandson.

The gingerbread house attracts you with its neat yard and the smell of cookies:during the high season, Anna Pető and her family decorate the gingerbread for 14-16 hours, with whom we can also undertake gingerbread decorating. But it's worth just walking around the Hadas district, which will be especially full of life at Easter: on Easter Sunday and Monday, craft and musical programs await everyone.

Relaxation will be complete with wellness

After the many experiences, it is also worth relaxing, for which the Zsóry Fürdöben offers a great opportunity. At that time, the namesake Lajos Zsóry drilled into the depths in search of oil, but thermal water broke out from there, namely sulfur-type medicinal water, the blessed effect of which we can still enjoy today. At the moment, the indoor parts of the spa are waiting for those who want to relax, but they can start filling up the outdoor pools already at Easter, if the weather is suitable.

Inside, in addition to the thermal pools, an indoor adventure pool, swimming pool, children's pool and a recently created wellness area with a Kneipp bath await everyone.

Aromatherapy, bio and infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, s alt room and steam cabin complete the wellness experience, but of course you can also sign up for different treatments.

Wellness is also available in the hotel
Wellness is also available in the hotel

The medicinal water has also been introduced into the Balneo Hotel, which is located within walking distance from the spa, so after a tiring day you can even soak in it before dinner in the hotel, where guests are also offered wellness services, and even, we can take part in various sauna sessions, but we can even try the fish pedicure. In the vicinity of the hotel, which was completely renovated in the last two years, not only the spa can provide a pleasant relaxation: with a well-equipped playground and a record-breaking running track,and outdoor fitness elements, you can also relax in the park, and the Rózsa restaurant serves them with exceptionally delicious dishes, who also want a gastronomic trip.

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