6 simple sentences that you can use to put anyone in a better mood in these difficult times

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6 simple sentences that you can use to put anyone in a better mood in these difficult times
6 simple sentences that you can use to put anyone in a better mood in these difficult times

The past period has brought so many trials, in the light of which it is no wonder that sometimes you feel that your self-confidence is at a low point, your prospects for the future are very gloomy, and there is nothing to cheer you up. Although, according to the proverb, an action is worth a thousand words, sometimes even a short but positive thought can help you get out of despair and see life in a better light - you can read 6 sentences that you can use to lift the mood of yourself or a friend who is in a bad mood

The author of Medium, journalist, lifestyle consultant Michael Thompson believes that everyone needs to hear simple, affirming thoughts from their partner, friends, family members sometimes - the author collection from own experience is given below.

1. “The last time we met, you said…”

Everyone likes it when their acquaintances listen to what they have to say and try to have a meaningful conversation: in this case, they feel that the other party is really curious about them, cares about them, and is not just looking for their company. You can easily put your friends in a better mood by casually mentioning something they brought up in a previous conversation, making them feel like you didn't just let it slip by your ear, but actually kept their words in mind.

2. “Back to what you said…”

Parties do not always take part in a conversation with the same weight: the emphasis sometimes shifts, and one participant receives more attention than his peers, who may therefore feel that they are pushed into the background and that the others are less interested in them. With the short phrase "back to what you had to say…", you can easily resume the conversation and strengthen the self-confidence of your acquaintances, making them feel that their words and opinions have the same weight.

3. “I like the way you think…”

Man likes to think of himself as an individual, someone who does not succumb to the herd spirit, but stands out from the crowd with his unique way of thinking and solves problems with the help of creativity. That's why it means a lot to the other party if you tell them, "I like your way of thinking" or "I like the way you see the world", because you strengthen their belief in their uniqueness and specialness.

4. "You mean a lot to me…"

It is a basic human need to feel that you belong to someone, that you are not alone in the world, that you can count on others - that is why it is sometimes important to confirm this with words to your friends and loved ones. You don't need to explain why, just tell them that they mean a lot to you and that you genuinely care about them.

It feels good to receive messages from old friends
It feels good to receive messages from old friends

5. "I think about you often…"

During the pandemic, many people could only keep in touch with their distant relatives and friends online or by phone, many relationships were broken due to the lack of personal meetings: that is why it is good for anyone if you - even after a long break - write or call them, and you mention to him that you haven't forgotten him, in fact, you often think about him, you're interested in what happened to him recently.

6. “I thought of you when I saw this…”

Life is a big rush, you often don't even have time to text or run into your closest friends - that doesn't mean you don't feel close to them. An easy way to keep in touch with them is to write or call them from time to time when you come across a news, article, humorous picture, video or anything else that for some reason made you think of them - the lovely gesture will definitely be appreciated and they will feel better knowing that you are thinking of them even subconsciously.

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