What can you do against exam anxiety?

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What can you do against exam anxiety?
What can you do against exam anxiety?

The holidays are just over, exam season is upon us. It is always a stressful and stressful time for students - and if the student is stressed, so will his environment and the parent

Unfortunately, willy-nilly, the doomsday atmosphere is contagious because of the exam rush, but don't panic, based on the opinions of experts, we have collected some small tricks that can really solve the anxiety of exam fever and maintain family peace.

If you are taking the exam, you should follow the advice below:

Be Tidy

Here, we are not thinking about the neatness of your hair, but about your environment. Take short notes, break larger tasks into smaller units, so they become less daunting. It doesn't hurt to be aware of the deadlines, so the first thing you should do is to write them down for yourself, so it will always be in front of you, and you can subconsciously train yourself to be ready at all times. Make an outline of your daily tasks, so you will have a better idea of what awaits you that day!

Have me time too

We must not forget that we are human in the heat of learning. We need to include small study breaks, and let's say, if we've been hunched over books and notes for an hour and a half, let's go outside for a walk in the fresh air! No matter what, let's just move, because this way we refresh our energy, on the other hand, we will feel much better afterwards, and our concentration will also go better.

Don't neglect your body's he alth

Think of your body like a car. If you fill it with low-quality fuel (ie: food), it won't do the car any good either. Eat regularly, don't just live on fast food, drink plenty of fluids (mainly water and tea), and don't forget to sleep! These are vital basic things, and many students don't eat or sleep because of the rush to study left to the last minute, which in turn only hurts themselves.

The bad mood caused by exam pressure is also transmitted to the parent and the environment
The bad mood caused by exam pressure is also transmitted to the parent and the environment

Learn creatively

We know that the exam period is not exactly the time to hang out with friends, but why not combine the pleasant with the useful? If you were in the same shoes as your friends, and they are also preparing for the same exams as you, study together! Whether I sit in a cafe for this or gather to study with one of you, the point is that you are guaranteed to have a good time, but you still learn in the meantime, so the time is spent usefully. There is another side to creativity. If it is more difficult for you to learn and you simply cannot learn the "dry" teaching materials, then use your playful side! Why not write a poem or even a song from the curriculum? That way it will be much easier to grasp.

Set times to study

We are not robots. It is not possible to absorb knowledge every minute of every day, so we recommend that you designate intervals for studying and adjust accordingly, so it will be easier for you too.

Use a stress ball

Sometimes it's good if a person has a "dili berry" and can use it to relieve the accumulated stress. You don't have to think about big things, it's enough if you just have a stress ball, for example, that you can press to your heart's content.

Be positive

We know that it is almost customary to whip ourselves at this time, but what if we turned the technology around? Let's praise ourselves! We chant "it's going to work, I can do it, I'll get over it, everything will be okay", and we've already done a lot to not get stuck in this period.

Use relaxation techniques

Meditate, do yoga, exercise, or just do breathing exercises, these also help a lot to relax for 5 minutes while studying.

Speak Out

If you already feel that you are getting overwhelmed by the many study materials, talk to your parents, a friend, or even your teacher about it. Don't be afraid of this and don't be ashamed, at this time we tend to feel that we will not pass the exam, but sometimes a good conversation can help.

Find your own learning style

We are different. Thus, our learning style can also be different. Experience how long you can concentrate on something at once, how much rest you need, see what works for you. Don't care what other people do, learn the way you like!

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