Tips to hide the circles around the eyes inherited from the past

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Tips to hide the circles around the eyes inherited from the past
Tips to hide the circles around the eyes inherited from the past

According to a Spanish saying, the harder times are, the more beautiful you have to look and the better you have to put on a good image (a mal tiempo, buena cara)

This is also a good message to the outside world, and thus the woman reflected in the mirror can give more strength than her tormented, neglected version. How can we hide the tiredness of our face at the beginning of the year, the mischievous circles around the eyes?

Aesthetic surgery now offers a million (HUF) options for rejuvenating sagging or wrinkled skin, and for medium-term dressing of the signs of aging. The number of options, from wrinkle lifting to the threading technique, swells like the skin over botox. We also see on some Hollywood ex-favorites that those who are caught up in the enthusiasm find it difficult to say no to more and more surgeries, with the promise of the desired appearance and the hope of reversing the passing of time. Just as there are examples of well-successful, discreet and measured interventions - these are mostly the ones we don't know about, they were so successful -, we also know about celebrities who have been treated beyond recognition, distorted into mutants, and who accept their age with dignity and age happily and proudly.

While there are still different positions on the raison d'être and aesthetic judgment of aesthetic surgery, we can say in general agreement that a few drops of well-placed foundation is much simpler, cheaper, and although its positive and negative effects are both temporary, they can still work wonders in the short term.

In terms of removing dark circles, perhaps the most important thing is to lighten the skin under the eyes. To do this, you need to use a concealer or foundation that is a few shades lighter than your skin, and the cream types can make the micro folds a little tighter due to their moisturizing effect and do not settle into these wrinkles, making them even more visible.

Use a concealer or foundation a few shades lighter
Use a concealer or foundation a few shades lighter

Now I'm telling you, let's not complain, because "we show XY without makeup" or the beauties shown as natural faces on TV cosmetics commercials are rarely free from the beneficial effects of a respectable dose of corrector, foundation, highlighter, blush and more. But it is true that makeup that looks like a natural face and looks natural is one of the most beautiful of all makeups. Of course, we can choose a stronger one for the occasion, each suit or style requires harmonizing, sometimes more striking, more pronounced make-up, but in addition to the corrector and foundation, mascara, perhaps eyeliner, lipstick and blush can be a fine and sufficient solution for almost any occasion.

If we want to choose colors, it is worth considering our eye color

The color of blue eyes is well highlighted and emphasized by warm and light shades of bronze, gold, coral.

For green eyes colder shades of purple can go very well, from the metallic shimmering silvery light purple tone to darker, brownish or more vivid purple, they all enhance the color of the eyes.

For brown eyes blue shades bring a refreshing effect and pleasant color harmony, turquoise with a metallic light are also ideal choices from the lightest to the darkest if you want color.

A small plum-colored pencil on the inner part of the lower eyelid makes the look magnetic, brown illuminates and enlarges it, cinnamon makes it look like a veil, pastel, light colors harden it and make it particularly suggestive. If we have made a decision and have already applied the make-up once, do not fix it, if we want to change it, it is best to wash it off and start again, it will still be the same if we touch it afterwards.

The shape of the face is important in terms of applying a darker foundation that emphasizes the contour. As a general rule, the middle of the forehead, the areas under the eyes and the false peak should be lightened, while mostly the areas under/around the cheekbones and certain areas of the forehead close to the hairy scalp should be given darker, brownish shades.

But let's take them by face shape:

Ladies with a heart-shaped face can apply the lightening foundation in a narrow line in the area next to the eyes towards the eyebrows, apply the dark one in continuation of the temple line on the edge of the forehead, emphasizing the vertical direction. In the case of the cheekbones, it is also more appropriate to give the contour a steeper slope in order to strengthen the longitudinal line.

The purpose of rounder face shapes is also to darken the vertical lines at the edges of the face. Instead of the cheekbones, it is better to tan the skin color over the entire length of the face. It is preferable to apply the light foundation vertically in the middle of the forehead, also under the eyes, in a triangle shape that extends longer.

For a square face type the goal is to soften and round the shapes, which can be approached by darkening the forehead in a semicircle or rainbow shape. Similarly, a little dark shade can be applied to the lower face to soften the lower edges. The darker tone can be applied to the area around the cheekbones in a slanted circle/egg shape. It is advisable to lighten from the corners of the eyes under the first half of the eyes.

The shape of the face doesn't matter either
The shape of the face doesn't matter either

The rhombus face shape requires perhaps the fewest corrections with colors, in addition to highlighting the natural line of the cheekbones with moderate darkness, it is good to lighten the middle of the forehead, as well as the delicate areas under the eyes.

Ladies with oval faces should try to darken the transverse lines, both in the middle of the forehead at the folds and under the cheekbones. The highlighter should also be applied in a wide horizontal band under the eyes, and emphasizing the false peak is also beneficial for them horizontally.

These are only recommendations and not set in stone laws. The most worthwhile thing is to try this and that. I believe that it can be more effective than following all current trends, but even more than the rule of color type and face shape, to know our own taste and characteristics, to find the makeup that we like and benefit the most, in which we feel good and to apply it there and when it suits us.

Fruzsina Molnár-Zolnay

Ez klell a Vnök is a style consultant and an expert on the Dívány. She obtained her fashion and style design qualification at the Budapest Fashion School to supplement her liberal arts, language teaching and marketing diplomas in 2006.

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