Freedom as a parent: when you can't relax otherwise

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Freedom as a parent: when you can't relax otherwise
Freedom as a parent: when you can't relax otherwise

The time of the winter holidays was about rest for families - but this does not always mean that as a parent, after Christmas and the winter break, you too could relax

You didn't have to get up early, you could spend more time together as a family, there was finally time and opportunity for joint programs: the winter break in the life of most families provides an opportunity to recharge at the end of the year and relax a little. The majority of parents reserve several days of vacation for this time so that they can be with their children as much as possible. Visits to relatives, hospitality, trips, ice skating, maybe skiing: we can gather a lot of experiences in the last weeks of the year. There is only one thing left at this time: for mother - and father - to rest.

Freedom means something different as a parent

After all, the Christmas menu not only had to be invented, but also cooked. Of course, I had to prepare a few trays of gingerbread, and the pretzels were also lined up in most of the pantries. We kept in mind when the shops would be closed, because we also had to rush to shop. We planned menus, made sandwiches for the trip, washed dirty clothes, wrapped presents, wiped noses, and in the evening we sneaked a peek at work letters. We organized a New Year's Eve party so that it was good for everyone: in a word

our main workplace, the family is not closed at this time either.

In addition to autumn, winter and spring break, it is also the case during summer days - as parents, we taste the word freedom in a completely different way.

The point is lost

It is difficult to decide with small children where it is actually more important to perform: at work or at home. The former may pose serious mental challenges, but the latter should not be underestimated either.

It's not easier or harder, it's different, but parenthood is still work, where you can't take time off.

What's more: when you're not working, as a mother or father, you probably have a strong desire to give more of yourself to your child. to knead.

Your afternoons spent reading marathon stories, coloring together or cutting cookies strengthen the bond, but they still don't give you the same experience as the vacations of the childless years, when you finished two seasons of a series in one week off, talked to your friends for hours, went to a festival or a few you read a book in an hour. The essence of freedom, getting out of everyday life as a parent is often simply not possible: your child wants to experience the same things with you on these days, even more, since you are finally with him, you don't have to buy your coat in the morning, and he doesn't rush to the group room or the classroom either. His need is understandable - and yours is too, it's just that it's probably going to be pushed into the background.

As a parent, freedom means something different
As a parent, freedom means something different

Buy yourself some time

At the same time, there is no doubt that you also need to rest as a parent: if you don't, both you and your child will do badly.

As a tired, irritated, impatient parent, you will be a worse version of yourself than if you create opportunities for real rest.

However impossible it may seem, you have to do it: we have tips on how!

  • Reserve a few days of vacation just for yourself and create an opportunity for your co-parent too! After exhausting periods, stay at home for a day or two, and for heaven's sake, don't clean! Read, order lunch, watch a movie, go swimming or shopping. Turn it off!
  • Steal some time out of everyday life for something you really love. Run instead of cooking, pick up something from a restaurant on the way home. Don't scroll through Facebook in the evening, but if you have nothing else to do, make a long phone call with a friend! Don't email on the tram, read a novel instead!
  • If you need help, feel free to use it! The children will also enjoy a day with their grandparents or cousins, and you, the parents, can kick yourself out of the harness as you wish! It's worth staying at home!

In summary: reinterpret the concept of freedom and rest and boldly take advantage of the opportunities in front of you, so you can be satisfied as both yourself and as a parent.

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