Do you want a more spectacular result? Get more rest

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Do you want a more spectacular result? Get more rest
Do you want a more spectacular result? Get more rest

Most people calculate countless things when they want to build muscle, but we can say that the importance of sleep escapes the attention of the majority

When should we eat, what and how much, how should we put together our diet - what form of training should we choose, what time of day should we go to train, what should our training program look like in general - what nutritional supplements should we take, what training shoes, equipment or form of exercise should we choose? If someone starts training, wants to lose weight, or gain muscle online, they ask themselves all of the above questions. However, 90 percent of people forget one factor at least as important from the list: sleep, rest, and regeneration.

Many of us only start to deal with sleep when we have pushed ourselves to the limit in training, work, and everyday tasks. However, the right quality and quantity of rest and sleep are key to the optimal functioning of the body, the regeneration and development of muscles. In addition to physical performance, not to mention mental fitness.

What happens if we don't get enough sleep?

If we are permanently in a sleep deficit, we become irritable and defocused, the load capacity of our body decreases, so we cannot do our best either at work or in training, but to be honest, often not even the average. Long-term lack of sleep seriously weakens our immune system and can even lead to psychological problems.

Rest is sweet after training
Rest is sweet after training

Many people are like that, adding one or two things to their overworked day in the evening, saying that the next day will be so much easier. It's true, they'll be dead tired, and they'll solve their next day's tasks in twice as much time, and the next night, so-and-so will stay overnight the same way. This is a vicious circle from which you simply have to get out.

Because what happens to us, in our bodies, when we sleep?

This is when a lot of important regeneration and building processes take place, which affect the functioning of our entire body. Growth hormone release from the hypothalamus is most intense during deep sleep, and protein synthesis is much more intense than during any other period of wakefulness. Not to mention our hormone levels, which come into balance at this time. In addition, the cells of our skin regenerate at this time, which is why it is quite visible on a person's appearance if he sleeps regularly.

According to some surveys, at least 30 percent of our development is set back if we do not sleep properly and regularly!

How much should we sleep?

When it comes to sleep, just like when training, both quantity and quality matter. So, even if we sleep for up to 10 hours, if we keep waking up, we are spinning.

For most people approx. 6-8 hours of restful sleep is necessary, of course this may vary from person to person. The point is to go through all 5 sleep phases during sleep. Many people reach for medicine, sleeping pills in their final desperation, or even a glass of wine. However, these drugs and alcohol can shorten individual sleep phases, which again leads to an upset of the balance.

Quality rest is very important!
Quality rest is very important!


All of us have had it happen that we simply had so many thoughts swirling around in us, so many things to take care of, or just a difficult decision, that we got into this vicious circle. And the bad news is that there is no miracle cure for this that we can just get. the good news is that we can help with this too with a little awareness and a few simple tips:

  • If possible, try to introduce a system into our day, for example going to bed at the same time, or at least going to bed. The morning routine, waking up, is very important, but it must start at night, with going to bed. So don't decide that it doesn't matter what time you go to bed and then wake up at 5-6-7 in the morning, but first try to standardize the time you go to bed in the evening.
  • Don't drink coffee, green tea - i.e. caffeine - or any stimulants or stimulants in the late afternoon! If you are addicted to coffee, try to reduce the dose and even drink herbal tea instead.
  • Don't bring your laptop or phone to bed. The bed should also be a place of rest and recharge in your subconscious. Read a book instead, a few pages every night.
  • A hot bath and a soothing lemongrass tea can also help. So first create a bedtime routine and rituals. Start the change with your evenings.

In addition to the above, you can also help with better quality, more relaxing sleep with your eating habits. In our article below, we give you some good advice for this:

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