Don't make these 4 mistakes during a job interview

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Don't make these 4 mistakes during a job interview
Don't make these 4 mistakes during a job interview

The success of a job interview can even decide our entire future, which is why it is worth avoiding those basic mistakes that can greatly damage our chances

We all know how important the first impression is during a job interview. Potential employers are often more influenced by our appearance and behavior than our professional knowledge and background, so it is worth preparing for a specific conversation in advance. Janina Steinmetz, a marketing communication associate at the University of London's business faculty, has selected the four biggest mistakes that we can make during a job interview, which will greatly ruin our chances of getting the job we want. Original article reviewed by Knowridge.

This is why we fail the interview:

1. We don't think with the other party's head

It is a common mistake to review the situation exclusively from our own perspective, without thinking about what our potential boss expects from us, that is, from the interviewee. When we start listing our abilities and past achievements, we often don't realize that the other party is not only interested in what we mean and how we performed in our previous jobs. He is often much more interested in our personality, he wants to know what it is like to work with us as a colleague, how likeable and persistent we are. That's why it's worth focusing more on what obstacles we overcame and how hard we worked in order to achieve the mentioned results during our presentation, instead of just listing them.

Interview better!
Interview better!

2. We want to look like Superman

Never be too arrogant and self-proclaimed during a job interview. Our future employers are looking for a competent and self-confident employee, not a "superman" who constantly brags about his abilities. Let's get off the high horse, leave the imaginary laurel wreath at home.

3. You talk down about others

It is also a common mistake to compare ourselves to others during the interview, especially if we talk disparagingly about our colleagues and try to emphasize how much better we are than them. It's possible that you really are the best in your profession, but it seems distasteful if you show off your own competence at the expense of others. Especially since the interviewer may feel that you consider yourself bigger than him, which is not exactly the most pleasant impression you can make on your future boss.

4. You talk about your own excellence disguised as modesty

It is a very bad tactic when we try to brag about our own abilities by disguising it as self-recrimination or grief over our miserable situation. For example, when asked what our weaknesses are, we answer that we never have enough time for anything because everyone comes to us for advice, or that we strive too much for perfection in our work. However, an experienced interviewer can easily see through the sieve, so we get bad points from him not only for bragging, but also for false tactics.

Overall, it is important to remember that in the case of a job interview, it is not only important to impress our potential employers, but also to establish a good relationship with them. We should always try to think with their heads, keeping in mind that they are not only looking for a suitable workforce, but also a colleague who has a pleasant personality and is nice to work with. Don't be self-deprecating, don't brag about your own abilities, don't compare yourself to others. If we avoid these basic mistakes, it will be much easier to make the right impression, and thus it will be easier to get the coveted job.

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