“I don't even notice that I have 10 workouts a week”

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“I don't even notice that I have 10 workouts a week”
“I don't even notice that I have 10 workouts a week”

The Hungarian girl started fitness almost as a child, you could say that her whole life has been about it. Her partner even asked for her hand in marriage at one of the competitions. His biggest dream is to stand on the Olympia stage and be applauded. One thing is for sure: he never looked for the easy way

Everyone has New Year's resolutions, plans and desires. The same goes for professional fitness model Patrícia Frits, who won almost all her competitions in 2018 and has big plans for 2019. Many people are just amazed at the sight of fitness models, but few know how much perseverance, hard work and sacrifice is behind a tight muscular body. We talked to the champion fitness model to get to know this world and her everyday life a little better. We wondered what motivates him after he has won almost everything possible in his category.

You have achieved everything as an amateur. What is your goal now, in the professional world?

The most important thing for me was getting the IFBB professional card in 2018. With this, I officially became a professional competitor, and this can lead to the fulfillment of my big dream: to be able to stand on the Olympia stage. And for this, I have to prove myself at the IFBB Pro League competitions and collect points in order to qualify.

Are you finished as a bikini model?

By winning professional status in fitness, I can also compete in the bikini category. I haven't decided how to proceed yet.

He also managed to win the professional title!
He also managed to win the professional title!

What motivates you even after all these years?

My greatest experience is competing in the fitness category again after 5 years. To feel again the excitement I had a long time ago: to find out that I won means a lot in this category, since I started with this as a child and competed in it for more than ten years. I'm not saying it's worth or means more than winning in the bikini field, but it's a fact that you have to work harder for it, and it's a different feeling to be on stage in fitness. It is a much more complex and difficult category. I started with this in 2003, and now this is the end of my amateur career.

Do you have a particularly memorable race?

Each of my competitions is important and memorable, as each one has its own story. An example of this is the competition in London where my partner proposed to me. For sure, I could tell racing stories for hours. All the more so, since I choose my competitions in such a way that there is a challenge in them: strong competition with strong opponents. I'm not a "cup collector", I like to compete. The Fitparadé was an absolute victory, a very important and huge experience: I ran it three times, and in addition to the category victory, I also won the overall. When I took part in the Fitparad for the first time in 2013, it already became my favorite domestic competition. That was my first serious success in the bikini category. In addition, there are always plenty of interested and starting players, the best in the domestic field. Not to mention the many, many valuable prizes and the structure of the competition: you have to prove yourself on stage several times.

It was a huge honor to be the hostess of the event. I enjoyed everything that came with it: lots of filming, newspaper and television appearances. I loved it all. It was also a great experience, because it was a sporting historical event: Buranits Ildikó organized an IFBB pro qualification competition, so it was possible to get an IFBB pro card at a local competition, all on the first day of the Fitparadé. This year, the most memorable event was definitely the Fitparad: the competition and the appearance on the billboards. It was a really great experience! Not to mention that I owe my current supporters to this competition, as well as quite a few eternal experiences. I would like to go every year. My heart really sank.

Are there low points during each preparation?

Every preparation is a little different and, since I compete almost all year round, of course there are low points. There was also the case that we broke up with my partner at the time a week before the competition, and I went through the whole thing like that. You have to know how to draw motivation and strength from everything, both good and bad. We must never lose sight of the goal, and we must concentrate on whatever is happening around us. In order for someone to be able to call himself a good competitor, he must also be very strong mentally. You have to be able to get up even from the most difficult situations, and to manage success in its place: to put yourself even more into it, not to fly away!

For example, my biggest freakout was just now, the week before winning the professional card. Everything that could happen came together: injuries, illness, plus in two weeks I had to put together my practice from 5 years ago, while sewing performance clothes. For the latter, I would also like to thank Showtime Studio, where they made my dress in a week! On the day of the competition, I could barely stand up, I even had a fever. But I'm not the type to give up, especially not a day or two before a race. I usually have good instincts, I knew: if it breaks, if it breaks, I have to be there at this race! I felt that if I said back, I would regret it and spend months thinking about what would have happened if…? So I took some painkillers, luckily adrenaline helps a lot on stage, so I did my exercise successfully. I didn't even realize it when they said: I won the professional card! I still can't believe it!

The lifestyle of a fitness model involves a lot of sacrifices, but for Pati, every minute is worth it!
The lifestyle of a fitness model involves a lot of sacrifices, but for Pati, every minute is worth it!

So you're done with this?

No, no! The real work only begins now, because it's one thing to get the professional card, but you also have to stand up among the pros! Another challenge! But this is also what makes this sport beautiful: there is always room for improvement.

When is there a more relaxed period?

I usually relax in December. In such cases, I eat what I want. Although it should be known that after so many diets and competition diets, my body can no longer handle and tolerate "cheat" foods. They just don't fit well. Rather, only my eyes desire it. It's typical for me that when it's forbidden, and I know it's not allowed, I really want all the sweets, but as the competition ends, you can rest, you could commit a little crime, you don't have to anymore. I know it will make me sick and not good for my he alth.

So, even in the so-called "off season", I pay attention to my diet and cardio almost as much as during preparation, just as there is no shortage of weight training. I don't even like the term "off season", because I actually prepare all year round, there are at most one or two weeks when I let go of training and diet. That's enough, and my form doesn't change during that time either. Especially now, in the professional world, it will be very important that I keep a good, close to competitive form. It won't be difficult for me, because my lifestyle is basically like this: I like to do this, and I don't even notice that I'm doing it, I have ten workouts a week, or I don't eat anything, because this is normal for me, I'm used to this lifestyle.

How does your environment handle the continuous competition?

It affects them more than my body. I'm so focused on my competitions, on getting the most out of myself, that's all I can think about. Usually, every day is divided into minutes, and I don't spend enough time with my loved ones, such as my family. Fortunately, they are understanding, they know what racing entails, but it still feels bad to know that I am neglecting them. This is also typical in the 2-3 weeks before the competition. If there is competition, I can only focus on that. Maybe that's why they say that this is the sport of selfish people. But if you want to complete 110 percent, it's the only way to do it!

With so much diet and hard work, can you say it's a he althy sport?

I believe that fitness is not an unhe althy sport. Some things take a toll on the body, such as drinking water or suddenly swallowing after a race, but problems can arise more if someone does not know what, why, when and how to do it, or not to do it at all. The bottom line is that you have to work smartly and carefully, this is the only way to continue in the long term. Fortunately, I've never had any he alth problems: everything from my hormone balance to my kidneys is fine, in fact my body is much he althier than average: I constantly pay attention to the right vitamin intake, mineral supplementation, and the right fluid intake, and I also try to rest and relax as much as possible.

What are you focusing on now?

Now the number one goal is to be successful in the professional field as well, to be successful in order to collect points for, for example, Olympia qualification. In addition, there is our racing team, which we will continue to work with in the spring. I am very curious to see what results we will achieve. I would like us to be very successful, because we all deserve it! They started preparing already from the beginning of December. In addition, my fiancé and I want to start a diet food delivery business next year.

Pati with her partner, Celestin Popa - who is also her trainer!
Pati with her partner, Celestin Popa - who is also her trainer!

Who or who are your supports?

It wouldn't be possible without my partner: he is my biggest supporter. He always helps and listens to me. He stands by me, he does everything to make our plans, goals and dreams come true. She will do anything to make you happy and I am so proud of her! In addition to my competitions, we jointly lead a team where we help 20-25 people to be maximally prepared for their competitions. My partner deals with them the most and has the fate of our competitors very close to his heart: I have never met a more conscientious coach than him. He works a lot, but for him and for me, this is our happiness, our life!


  • Fitparade sports model 1st place & absolute champion
  • WBPF sports model, Hungarian champion
  • WBPF sports model, European champion
  • Austria Cup sports model 1st place
  • Miami Pro Universe 1st Place
  • Miami Pro World Champion
  • WBFF fitness diva 1st place
  • PCA ASO-Classic sports model 1st place & absolute champion
  • PCA Vitaflex GP sports model 1st place
  • IFBB Amateur Olympia spring+autumn bikini category 2nd place
  • IFBB Venice Cup fitness category 1st place & absolute champion
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