We tried to come up with 13 different Tic Tac flavors

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We tried to come up with 13 different Tic Tac flavors
We tried to come up with 13 different Tic Tac flavors

Besides the well-known and proven orange and menthol flavors, there are also a lot of other flavors. We were wondering if the editors would find out what it tastes like if they can't read it first

The best thing about artificial flavors and aromas is that in most cases, people have no idea what they are eating, at most if they tell them what they should feel. In the editorial office, we just tested how well our colleagues recognize the various Tic Tac candies.

Some people were already stuck that there are not only mint and orange Tic Tacs, but also quite strange ones. We managed to collect a total of 13 types of candies, which the participants tasted in a blind test and tried to guess what they tasted like, with more or less success.

But before that, some exciting things about candies

In 1969, the idea of Tic Tac was formulated in the same place where Nutella, Kinder chocolate or Mon Cheri were born, that is, in the witch's kitchen of the famous Ferrero family. It was first launched on the market under the name Frissítő Menta, but they soon realized that this name did not predestinate it to much success, so how could we now taste refreshing mint with donuts. The sound of opening the box gave it the name Tic Tac.

"We use a unique rotating technology, in which the menthol at the heart of the candy is covered with hundreds of layers of fine vanilla coating, so that each grain of Tic Tac is truly perfect. This manufacturing process ensures the stable and outstanding quality of each dragee, the great taste experience, which is unmistakably Tic Tac" - says the description of the production on the website, which means, as it turned out, the coating is vanilla. Well, none of us figured that out either.


One grain contains 2 kcal, i.e. exactly 1.9 kilocalories, even though in the 1980s the slogan was that it only contained 1.5 kilocalories, but since then the size of candies has increased and more there were also calories in it. It does not contain gluten, it is not genetically modified, but diabetics should check with their doctor before regularly indulging in candy. And if it's binge eating, the website mentions that, as with all foods, it's important to consume Tic Tac responsibly. Our testers did exactly that, and most of them even used a spittoon cup. Let's see the results:

Cola flavored

We found a cola-flavored one from the Simpson family line at Penny Market, to which several people told us what kind of flavor it was, and several people answered that they would eat it anyway even if they weren't forced to, as they are now. Also, many people were enthusiastic when they saw the heads printed on the candy.


The serious tips included:

  • lemon machine school
  • cola
  • this flavor does not exist
  • lemon / citric acid
  • shower bath flavor
  • dishwasher
  • some kind of citrus
  • rotten bugs with citric acid

Coconut and pineapple

As one of our colleagues remarked after we flashed the result, this is pina colda Tic Tac, and the too much and too artificial coconut flavor didn't really have much success. Some people still hit it, but most of them didn't.

  • nausea pineapple with coconut
  • bear candy (hair dye first, then comes the bear candy flavor)
  • coconut wunderbaum
  • end of rum mint spit
  • starts with something sweet, then comes the chemical, then menthol
  • coconut and PVC


We also got the chewy flavor from the Simpsons edition, which one person would eat voluntarily, and one person wrote that maybe, but we don't know what needs to happen in order for him to actually open the package and taste it voluntarily, although many people have guessed, that it has a chewy taste, but if you want the taste of children's chews, you usually eat children's chews.

  • round crusher
  • with tutti frutti shampoo, teeth break only when chewing
  • cheap energy drink
  • Gabi toothpaste


Also a Simpsons edition from the collection of our colleague's children, who felt sorry for us in advance, for which we also thank you. Among the testers, there was someone who, when asked if he would ever eat this voluntarily, instead of the usual no, emphasized that he would never, and there was also someone who emphasized with an exclamation mark that it was torture.

  • rotten cookie vomit
  • franciadrazsé
  • chocolate cherry
  • barbecue
  • milk powder-rice milk
  • caramel (burnt caramel)
  • diabetes
  • Vitamin C

Cherry and Coke

The cola aroma came out again, only now it got a bit of cherry madness, which two already had some reservations about, and one person firmly stated that he would buy it in the future. Cherry was invented by many people, cola was invented by only one person.

  • plastic pig shit with machine code
  • cranberry
  • cherry zizi
  • cherry liqueur
  • raspberry
  • cherry brand
  • poison
  • sour cherry


The strangest was definitely the popcorn Tic Tac, many people could not place the raison d'être of this product at all, in any case, most of them guessed what flavor they were tasting. Of course, regardless of this, it was not an undivided success in the editorial office, some people did not understand at all how the taste of sugary popcorn fits with the image of the refreshing candy.

  • puffed rice
  • caramel popcorn
  • popcorn, or if you need to make it a little more specific, slightly rancid extruded corn.


You might think that you can't really fall into the fruity flavor world, but we succeeded, or rather the masters of Tic Tac flavor mixing. The blueberry flavor was also part of the Simpsons collection, and we got it from our colleague's children, who didn't seem to stick to this flavor either. Let's say neither the testers, because no one would eat this voluntarily either.

  • explosivesugar
  • meat soup cube
  • scented felt
  • All kinds of goodies acquired in farewell gathered together
  • burner or blackcurrant

Lime and orange

The lime and orange flavors are in one box, the green eyes symbolize lime, the orange ones symbolize the classic orange. Everyone noticed the orange, which means that it soon became clear that the editors can do it if they want to. Most people would buy orange of their own free will, many of them have childhood memories of the taste. Lime has already enjoyed less popularity, most of the testers would only eat it if it was free or if they had to (for example, if they ran out of orange and that was the only thing left in the box).

  • rotten sour sugar
  • consumable bacon sugar
  • cheap HUF 120 soft drink
  • it's like I found it in my pocket and there were fluff stuck in it
  • first bad lipstick, then lime

Sweet apple and sour apple

You can also find both in one box, and here too you can guess which is which based on the colors. For this flavor combo, only two testers said that they would buy it another time, but they also only for one flavor, and not the same one. The guesses, however, did not come in at all here, although one person came close with the definition "crappy apple juice".

  • margarita
  • tomato
  • peach
  • strawberry
  • raspberry
  • kivi
  • watermelon

Mango and guava

When our test was over and the mood had calmed down, the very strange Tic Tac arrived at the convenience store opposite. We cannot clearly say that it does not resemble the original taste, but none of us have ever eaten guava in industrial quantities in our stinking lives, so it would have been difficult for anyone to tell that it definitely was. Of course, no one found the mango either, instead they associated it with a cantaloupe. The green (guava-flavored) candy reminded our colleague of a childhood vitamin chewable tablet, but unfortunately there are no vitamins in it.

  • melon green apple
  • passionate lemonade
  • mosquito repellent
  • watermelon
  • cotton candy and tropical fruit alternating
  • medicine then average candy flavor

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