3 rules of permanent lifestyle change

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3 rules of permanent lifestyle change
3 rules of permanent lifestyle change

Diet diets can only be a short-term solution, it is also worth thinking about what can work in the long term

Walk slowly, you'll get further

The excitement and determination you feel at the beginning of a new, guaranteed effective weight loss diet is in vain, if you only end up hating 3-4 types of vegetables for the rest of your life with the strictly controlled celery rations of the labor camps, and at the end of the diet, the first your way leads to the ice cream counter. Weight loss diets based on such extreme rules only work in the short term, and the more often it happens to someone that after a "successful" fast they slowly but surely return to the bad habits they originally wanted to get rid of, the less they feel able to do so in the long term. also successfully change your lifestyle. Psychology Today has collected 3 basic principles that can be used to achieve long-lasting, permanent changes for those who are completely tired of continuous dieting.

Need Plan B

Dr. According to lifestyle coach Susan Biali, nevertheless, a short but more extreme diet can also be effective if someone not only cheats on excess weight, but also gets rid of the he alth risks posed by obesity. The trick is to have a realistic, sustainable plan for what happens next. We are often able to achieve short-term changes only by making significant sacrifices, some self-torture and a lot of discipline. At the same time, the often extremely time-consuming or expensive pre-defined menus cannot always be produced accurately and on time. According to dietitian Biali, it is therefore important to follow 3 key principles.

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Don't think in extremes

If someone makes sudden and extreme changes in their everyday life, it usually leads to a spectacular collapse of a carefully constructed diet. All of this is inevitable, but everyone determines how much time they spend alternately scolding and stuffing themselves, finding a new kind of physical and mental terror after strict dieting. Even after a few days of binge eating, you can return to the positive things that worked until the latest incident. You don't have to hate yourself, start over, but this time try to start the treatment with a less extreme calorie gap.

Enjoy what you do

There is no such thing as a he althy diet that lasts forever if you once hate the food you put in your mouth. If you can't live without your favorite burger, don't deny yourself of it, change your habits little by little. Ask for salad instead of fries, don't eat mayonnaise, or skip the cheese. There's no point in eating a salad when neon hamburgers are flashing in front of your mind's eye. It also makes no sense to ban sugars with immediate effect. Look for similar, slightly he althier alternatives. Replace granulated sugar with honey, replace honey with walnuts drizzled with some honey, and if you run out of honey, stick with walnuts.

Only make changes you can stick to

Choose dishes for which the ingredients are easily available and which you will always have time to prepare. It's worth testing yourself before adopting a new habit. Ask yourself the following questions. Do I really like this? Easy to make? Will it be a problem to regularize it?

If we follow these rules and pay attention to what works for us and what doesn't, we are much more likely to succeed. It is important to be honest with ourselves and set realistic, long-term sustainable goals.

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